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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details 1979Not Applicableian-phils150028000
Details 1975New MexicoDan Stokes1300140
Details 1986Puerto RicoRafael Fraticelli15000
Details 1988New South WalesBen Boyd1500107
Details 1979MarylandJay Pickens150068
Details 1984TexasMemphis Italian Car Club15000
Details 1982New HampshireMike S.1500102
Details 1984OntarioMichael Wilson150027
Details 1986MarylandJay Pickens15000
Details 1985North CarolinaRussell Hollers15001200017
Details 1977IndianaDiana Hostetler (and son
Details 1984ColoradoBill Thompson150070104
Details 1985ColoradoBill Thompson150074230
Details 1974New YorkBob Kenny13000
Details 1978Pennsylvania Nicole Hernandez130079734
Details 1979Not ApplicableGreg Simpson150079000
Details 1981WashingtonChris Evans150081498
Details 1974OregonAndy Jossy1500 (soon)0
Details 1979Not Applicablewendy graham 0
Details 1980QueenslandGary Collins130013800
Details 1978CaliforniaLarry Ham1300156
Details 1978MinnesotaThai Nguyen130093000
Details 1986MichiganBrad Garska150081500
Details 1987WashingtonGregory Smith150052469
Details 1985IndianaDamon Greven150051370
Details 1986Illinoisunknown150037000
Details 1979CaliforniaAnthony G150032
Details 1977New MexicoGreg & Tyler HallNone0
Details 1981New JerseyJohn Padden15000
Details 1981British ColumbiaGlenn Thomson150068000
Details 19802009 NordbyStein Skogsberg1500120000
Details 1980Australian Capital TerritoryJennifer Finlay150086900
Details 1980Australian Capital TerritoryColin Duckworth150076
Details 1974OhioTom Marcellino130074476
Details 1985FloridaRob Lauderdale15000
Details 1979QuebecRobert Mose15000
Details 1985WashingtonJeff Jahns150060354
Details 1981ArizonaDale Shoup150060803
Details 1980Not ApplicableOla Sjosward15004999
Details 1982Not ApplicableSteve Phillips1300125000
Details 1978TennesseeRoman Popeluk15000
Details 1976CaliforniaBrad Fry1300146
Details 1976CaliforniaBrad Fry1300146
Details 1979MichiganEd Kaczmarek1500149
Details 1974OregonMark Plaia13001500
Details 1981Not ApplicableSTEVE LAPTHORNE1500130
Details 1977Not Applicablemartijn elings15000
Details 1975British ColumbiaRobert Taylor 62500
Details 1987West VirginiaSteve Allison150047
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