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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details 1985TexasArt Akard15007400
Details 1979NoordbrabantBert Ruedisueli15007000
Details 1980Not ApplicableOla Sjosward15004999
Details 1974OregonMark Plaia13001500
Details 1974OhioBruce A. Carr1300185
Details 1974OregonPeter Mahr1300174
Details 1978CaliforniaLarry Ham1300156
Details 1980New South WalesBarry Conyngham1300154
Details 1987OregonAnthony Hudetz1500153
Details 1986San Jose, CADon Hair1500152
Details 1979MichiganEd Kaczmarek1500149
Details 1976CaliforniaBrad Fry1300146
Details 1976CaliforniaBrad Fry1300146
Details 1975New MexicoDan Stokes1300140
Details 1981Not ApplicableSTEVE LAPTHORNE1500130
Details 1982OHRik Davis1500126
Details 1974North CarolinaEric Hamilton1500124
Details1988CaliforniaBernice Loui 1500117
Details 1981VirginiaScott Biswanger1500111
Details 1988New South WalesBen Boyd1500107
Details1977VirginiaDavid Spiegelthal1300105
Details 1979New MexicoL.Crumpler1500104
Details1981Pennsylvania Dave Blaney1500102
Details 1982New HampshireMike S.1500102
Details1983AlabamaChris Smith150097
Details 1976MassachusettsBrian Sundquist130089
Details1987BayernDave Moore 86
Details 1974Pennsylvania Robert Sadowski150081
Details 1978South AustraliaAshley Simmonds160880
Details 1974Californiareyy flores130080
Details 1980MinnesotaBob Rine150080
Details 1976OhioSean Montgomery130076
Details 1980Australian Capital TerritoryColin Duckworth150076
Details1978ArizonaJoseph Russo130072
Details 1977AlbertaGeoff Minors130070
Details 1979MarylandJay Pickens150068
Details 1974CaliforniaJeff Johnson150060
Details 1987MinnesotaJason Adamski150058
Details 1977ILMike Alan130050
Details 1987West VirginiaSteve Allison150047
Details 1983New JerseyEd Noval150042
Details 1987New YorkChris150037
Details 1976New YorkJim Engel130033
Details 1979CaliforniaAnthony G150032
Details1974Missouri Jeff Brines130027
Details1978Not ApplicableBob Lawrason130019
Details1980GeorgiaRuss McBride1.616
Details 1979NYjohnan13002
Details 1975NYMerziuz15002
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