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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details1986Pennsylvania Mike150034000
Details1980Pennsylvania Scott Morris150082450
Details 1978Pennsylvania Nicole Hernandez130079734
Details1987Pennsylvania Arman Labrada150034100
Details1975OregonRipley Bryant130070000
Details 1974OregonPeter Mahr1300174
Details1979OregonDylan Wiggins150055636
Details 1980OregonStefan Mullikin2200cc0
Details 1986OregonCharles Osborne1500133000
Details1981OregonJeremy Kruse150089000
Details 1987OregonAnthony Hudetz1500153
Details1986OregonDave DeLay150051364
Details1974OregonAndy Jossy13000
Details 1974OregonAndy Jossy1500 (soon)0
Details 1974OregonMark Plaia13001500
Details 1975OregonChad Barone13000
Details 1978OntarioTom Breeson1300128000
Details 1984OntarioMichael Wilson150027000
Details 1980Ohiomichael scalise150078899
Details 1976OhioSean Montgomery130076
Details 1974OhioBruce A. Carr1300185
Details1980OhioJohn Rucker150093000
Details 1974Ohiochristopher snapp 0
Details1980OhioAaron Gregory150058000
Details 1980OhioJanet Bailey1500125407
Details 1979OhioJames Maynard15000
Details 1974OhioTom Marcellino130074476
Details 1980Ohiomichael scalise150078899
Details 1982OHRik Davis1500126
Details 1979NYjohnan13002
Details 1975NYMerziuz15002
Details 1979Nova ScotiaRussell Daikens1500113000
Details 1980Not Applicableovi t130160000
Details 1976Not ApplicableDIEGO S.13000
Details 1981Not ApplicableAnthony Roch15000
Details1979Not Applicabletotaled out150076843
Details 1985Not ApplicableNobuhiro Amada150037000
Details 1978Not Applicableneilium130082000
Details1973Not ApplicableNiklas Andersson13000
Details1988Not ApplicableCar150079000
Details 1977NOT APPLICABLEWalter Lima1.3 Fiat Uno Turbo47759
Details 1987Not ApplicablePeter Rutherdale150047000
Details1974Not ApplicableUlix G?ttsch13000
Details1978Not ApplicableAlex K.13000
Details1973Not ApplicableAlex K.13000
Details 1978Not ApplicableDarren H130058000
Details 1978Not ApplicableDarren H13000
Details 1979Not Applicableian-phils150028000
Details 1979Not ApplicableGreg Simpson150079000
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