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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details 1974Pennsylvania Robert Sadowski150081
Details 1979QuebecRobert Mose1500165000
Details 1979QuebecRobert Mose15000
Details 1974CaliforniaRobert Dietsch 0
Details 1985CaliforniaRobert Dietsch 0
Details 1985FloridaRob Lauderdale15000
Details1980North CarolinaRob Hill150079854
Details1975OregonRipley Bryant130070000
Details 1982OHRik Davis1500126
Details 1987GuatemalaRigoberto Fong1500113800
Details 1981IllinoisRichard Carlson150063500
Details 1974Californiareyy flores130080
Details 1986Puerto RicoRafael Fraticelli 0
Details 1986Puerto RicoRafael Fraticelli15000
Details 1987Not ApplicablePeter Rutherdale150047000
Details 1974OregonPeter Mahr1300174
Details 1984 Peter D'Amore150092643
Details1978Western AustraliaPeter1300288356
Details 1986MinnesotaPaul Wilcox150085832
Details1974MassachusettsPaul Stoltze150042000
Details 1980Not Applicableovi t130160000
Details 1980Not ApplicableOla Sjosward15004999
Details 1985Not ApplicableNobuhiro Amada150037000
Details 1981VarNOBLE Christian150055160
Details1973Not ApplicableNiklas Andersson13000
Details 1985CaliforniaNiels Uni 0
Details 1978Pennsylvania Nicole Hernandez130079734
Details1986SwitzerlandNettis Raffaele160096150
Details 1978Not Applicableneilium130082000
Details 1986NevadaMiro Kefurt150086172
Details 1985NevadaMiro Kefurt1500164285
Details 1986NevadaMiro Kefurt150099817
Details 1987NevadaMiro Kefurt150074588
Details 1982NevadaMiro Kefurt1500329014
Details 1982New HampshireMike S.1500102
Details 1979ILMike Alan2.2L Turbo II48000
Details 1977ILMike Alan130050
Details 1979MichiganMike Adams (odie)1600 B160
Details1981Pennsylvania Mike15000
Details1986Pennsylvania Mike150034000
Details 1984OntarioMichael Wilson150027000
Details 1980Ohiomichael scalise150078899
Details 1980Ohiomichael scalise150078899
Details 1986NJMichael Oxman150068022
Details 1974VirginiaMichael Hightower15000
Details1979CAMichael Busman150090800
Details 1975NYMerziuz15002
Details 1984TexasMemphis Italian Car Club15000
Details 1978MontanaMatthew Walsh15000
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