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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details 1989 Vincent Cheung150082000
Details 1984 Peter D'Amore150092643
Details 19802009 NordbyStein Skogsberg1500120000
Details1983AlabamaChris Smith150097
Details1974AlabamaSteve Hoelscher130074156
Details1981AlabamaSteve Hoelscher15000
Details 1987AlaskaChris Warner150097350
Details 1977AlbertaGeoff Minors130070
Details1982AlbertaArthur Kloc1500128000
Details1979ArizonaDave Rowley1500276621
Details 1980ArizonaDave Heckman150024000
Details1978ArizonaJoseph Russo130072
Details 1986ArizonaDave Rowley150056997
Details 1981ArizonaDale Shoup150060803
Details 1975ArkansasAshley Higgins13000
Details1986ArkansasCorey Pettett150092848
Details1986ArkansasJames Lemley1500106920
Details 1980Australian Capital TerritoryJennifer Finlay150086900
Details 1980Australian Capital TerritoryColin Duckworth150076
Details 1978AZMark Harris13000
Details1987BayernDave Moore 86
Details 1980BCBarry Friess1500118781
Details1981British ColumbiaLindsay Thachuk150099055
Details 1979British ColumbiaDave Evans150073000
Details 1981British ColumbiaAllan Sieben15000
Details 1981British ColumbiaAllan Sieben15000
Details 1981British ColumbiaAllan Sieben15000
Details1981British ColumbiaGlenn Thomson150070000
Details 1975British ColumbiaRobert Taylor 62500
Details1983Buenos AiresCarlos Ureta150078359
Details1979CAMichael Busman150090800
Details 1981CaliforniaBrad Fry1500158800
Details1979CaliforniaChris Obert16100
Details 1974Californiareyy flores130080
Details1979CaliforniaTony Natoli1500157000
Details 1982CaliforniaCesare Consaga1500276000
Details 1986CaliforniaRodolfo Mortero150095978
Details 1988CaliforniaJack Silva 0
Details 1976CaliforniaDmitry Teytelman 0
Details 1986CaliforniaTalon McKenna (SoCal)1500122000
Details 1979CaliforniaDmitry Teytelman 0
Details 1976CaliforniaDmitry Teytelman 0
Details 1985CaliforniaJeff Johnson 0
Details 1985CaliforniaNiels Uni 0
Details 1974CaliforniaJeff Johnson150060
Details 1974CaliforniaRobert Dietsch 0
Details 1985CaliforniaRobert Dietsch 0
Details 1979CaliforniaChris ObertNone0
Details 1979CaliforniaChris Obert15000
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