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OwnerPeter D'Amore
HistoryThis is all since January/05 but I've had the car since '93 You'll notice that it started life as an '84 X but has the 75-78 engine cover/bezels 75-78 front grill with bumpers removed. 17" wheels with sticky Yoko.. tires. The suspension is adjustable coilovers, brakes are drilled rotors. Sold the Momo seats with harneses to Matt Branon(Midwest X1/9) wife hated the lack of comfort and re-installed original seats with new skins. Custom dual exhaust done by Midas muffler locally. With exception of exhaust and paint job, I did everything myself. PBS lightened flywheel, BVHead dual 45DCOE's with header exhaust and SX1 cam.
Latest additions include more gauges and push button start.
Web Site
Engine Size1500
Fuel System2x45DCOE's
Email Addresspetex19@hotmail.com
Build Date9 Aug 1983
Original Interior ColorRed
Original Exterior ColorBianco, Corfu
Current Interior ColorBlack
Current Exterior ColorRed
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