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StateNew South Wales
Title DesignationNSW
OwnerWarren Smith
HistoryBought in early 2005 with aim of making an X1/9 Abarth Prototipo look-alike for track Lap Dashes and Hillclimbs. Son Glenn did the mechanical work and I did the body work and painting. All fibreglass panels (4 guard extensions, front spoiler, front bonnet, rear engine lid and snorkel) made in Queensland, Australia. Front brakes are Fiat Uno Turbo ventilated and slotted so that we can fit the 13 x 7" Cromadora mags (like the originals). Car was finally finished enough in January 2008 to run in a Hillclimb at Bathurst in our annual Fiat al Monte competition weekend. Has since competed at Lap Dash SuperSprints at Wakefield Park, Goulburn and Oran Park, Sydney. Eventually will receive 1.6 litre DOHC engine which Glenn is currently rebuilding... but first, suspension mods are in order!
Web Site
Engine Size1500
Fuel System2x DCNF
Email Addresssmith_uno@hotmail.com
Build Date1 Sep 1981
Original Interior ColorTan
Original Exterior ColorRosso Arancia
Current Interior ColorBlack
Current Exterior ColorRed and Yellow
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