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CountryUnited States
Title DesignationBertone
OwnerBrad Garska
HistoryPurchased new - 4th owned 3rd purchased new. Originally fuel injected. 2X40DCNFs, 304deg duration 42-82,82-42 timing, the head is a European "1300 rally" casting 40mm intake, stock exhaust, reshaped the combustion chambers to remove "hot spots" and polished to a mirror finish. 3.59:1 final drive, IAP header/ 2.5" diameter with a Dynomax Ultraflow muffler, revised advance slots in the distributor (FI Distributor was used), MSD ignition located in the rear trunk including the coil. Oil cooler mounted on the bulkhead between the engine bay and the rear trunk a duct system gets air from the side intake and passes through the cooler and out from behind the license plate (oil filter is also remote mounted in the trunk). I built my coilovers and camber plates from my design using Koni inserts.
Web Site
Engine Size1500
Fuel System2x DCNF
Email Addressbgarska@verizon.net
Build Date1 Jun 1985
Original Interior ColorBlack
Original Exterior ColorSilver/Black
Current Interior ColorBlack
Current Exterior ColorSilver/Black
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