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CountryUnited States
StateNorth Carolina
Title Designation
OwnerBud Bradford
HistoryCar sold to Bud Bradford in Oct 2006.

Bought the car from the orginal owner and am in the process of bring it back it its orginal glory with only a few small changes. The small changes are a Faza 35/75 cam, custom header and muffler, and a few discrete motor enhancements. All color schemes are stock. I loved the way it looked in 1983 and wanted to recreate that as closely as I can with whats on the market these days.
Web Site
Engine Size1500
Fuel SystemFuel Injected
Email Addressrichbrad@mitchell.main.nc.us
Build Date28 Feb 2174
Original Interior ColorRed
Original Exterior Color
Current Interior ColorRed
Current Exterior Color
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