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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details 1979North Shore CityAndrew Wilson1300136691
Details1982WisconsinAndrew Patterson1500137000
Details1979TennesseeDuane K Estill1500138000
Details 1979Not ApplicableThierry PARIS1500140000
Details1979VirginiaTom Angle1500145000
Details1979CaliforniaTony Natoli1500157000
Details 1981CaliforniaBrad Fry1500158800
Details1979QueenslandBrian McKillop1300162000
Details 1985NevadaMiro Kefurt1500164285
Details 1979QuebecRobert Mose1500165000
Details1983Not ApplicableDanie Tredoux1500170000
Details 1981New BrunswickJim Young1500208000
Details 1982CaliforniaCesare Consaga1500276000
Details1979ArizonaDave Rowley1500276621
Details1978Western AustraliaPeter1300288356
Details 1982NevadaMiro Kefurt1500329014
Details 1981HillerødJerry Lawrence1500599942
Details 1985North CarolinaRussell Hollers15001200017
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