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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details1979CaliforniaChris Obert16100
Details1979QueenslandBrian McKillop1300162000
Details 1979North Shore CityAndrew Wilson1300136691
Details1979CaliforniaTony Natoli1500157000
Details1979Not Applicabletotaled out150076843
Details 1979British ColumbiaDave Evans150073000
Details 1979IllinoisDavid L wright15000
Details1979OregonDylan Wiggins150055636
Details 1979NoordbrabantBert Ruedisueli15007000
Details 1979QuebecRobert Mose1500165000
Details 1979Nova ScotiaRussell Daikens1500113000
Details 1979CaliforniaDmitry Teytelman 0
Details 1979ILMike Alan2.2L Turbo II48000
Details 1979CaliforniaChris ObertNone0
Details 1979CaliforniaChris Obert15000
Details 1979New MexicoL.Crumpler1500104
Details 1979CaliforniaChris Obert15000
Details1979MichiganBrian Rock150057665
Details1979CAMichael Busman150090800
Details1979TennesseeDuane K Estill1500138000
Details 1979MichiganMike Adams (odie)1600 B160
Details 1979NYjohnan13002
Details 1979OhioJames Maynard15000
Details 1979CaliforniaSean Dockry1500111682
Details 1979IowaBarry Claus150075000
Details 1979Not Applicableian-phils150028000
Details 1979MarylandJay Pickens150068
Details 1979Not ApplicableGreg Simpson150079000
Details 1979Not Applicablewendy graham 0
Details1979VirginiaTom Angle1500145000
Details1979MichiganBrian Staley15000
Details 1979CaliforniaAnthony G150032
Details1979UtahJohn Brimley15000
Details 1979QuebecRobert Mose15000
Details 1979MichiganEd Kaczmarek1500149
Details 1979CaliforniaTim Schuetze15008122
Details 1979Not ApplicableThierry PARIS1500140000
Details 1978South AustraliaAshley Simmonds160880
Details1978Missouri Jim Decker130061950
Details 1978WellingtonIan Lawson130063600
Details 1978Not Applicableneilium130082000
Details 1978MichiganAndrew Kimball130052600
Details1978ArizonaJoseph Russo130072
Details 1978OntarioTom Breeson1300128000
Details1978Not ApplicableAlex K.13000
Details 1978Not ApplicableDarren H130058000
Details 1978Not ApplicableDarren H13000
Details 1978Pennsylvania Nicole Hernandez130079734
Details 1978CaliforniaLarry Ham1300156
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