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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details1981British ColumbiaLindsay Thachuk150099055
Details 1981IllinoisRichard Carlson150063500
Details1981Pennsylvania Dave Blaney1500102
Details 1981VirginiaScott Biswanger1500111
Details 1981New South WalesWarren Smith15000
Details 1981British ColumbiaAllan Sieben15000
Details 1981British ColumbiaAllan Sieben15000
Details 1981British ColumbiaAllan Sieben15000
Details1981OregonJeremy Kruse150089000
Details 1981VarNOBLE Christian150055160
Details1981Pennsylvania Mike15000
Details1981TennesseeBrett Melancon150072000
Details 1981WashingtonChris Evans150081498
Details1981Not ApplicableTerry Beaston150067000
Details1981AlabamaSteve Hoelscher15000
Details 1981New JerseyJohn Padden15000
Details1981British ColumbiaGlenn Thomson150070000
Details 1981ArizonaDale Shoup150060803
Details1981Not ApplicableRoger Paine150040624
Details 1981Not ApplicableSTEVE LAPTHORNE1500130
Details 1981HillerødJerry Lawrence1500599942
Details 1982IllinoisBob Grasch1500105468
Details 1982CaliforniaCesare Consaga1500276000
Details 1982IndianaDavid L Wright15000
Details 1982TexasJames Burross15000
Details 1982IllinoisBob Grasch150033000
Details1982AlbertaArthur Kloc1500128000
Details1982MinnesotaDavid "Jake"
Details1982Minnesotajsadamski 150085030
Details 1982NevadaMiro Kefurt1500329014
Details 1982OHRik Davis1500126
Details1982WisconsinAndrew Patterson1500137000
Details 1982New HampshireMike S.1500102
Details1982WisconsinAndrew Patterson150074000
Details 1982Not ApplicableSteve Phillips1300125000
Details 1982FloridaSergio L Aponte150017950
Details 1982WashingtonEric Allyn Armstrong15000
Details 1983New JerseyEd Noval150042
Details1983AlabamaChris Smith150097
Details1983Buenos AiresCarlos Ureta150078359
Details1983North CarolinaBud Bradford1500122000
Details1983Not ApplicableDanie Tredoux1500170000
Details1983New JerseyVinnie Tartaglione1500118000
Details 1983New YorkCharles Baxter15000
Details 1984WisconsinDAN BOGUSE150011115
Details1984New JerseyEd Noval150044105
Details 1984CaliforniaDick Waldron150045522
Details 1984 Peter D'Amore150092643
Details 1984TexasMemphis Italian Car Club15000
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