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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details1986OregonDave DeLay150051364
Details1973Not ApplicableNiklas Andersson13000
Details1979OregonDylan Wiggins150055636
Details1987TaipeiDino T. C. Tung150048500
Details1988TaipeiDino T. C. Tung150068000
Details1979CAMichael Busman150090800
Details1986New HampshireBob Brown150027885
Details1985VirginiaTom Angle15000
Details1979CaliforniaTony Natoli1500157000
Details1986SwitzerlandNettis Raffaele160096150
Details1974OregonAndy Jossy13000
Details1981Pennsylvania Dave Blaney1500102
Details1987Pennsylvania Arman Labrada150034100
Details1986WisconsinAndrew Patterson1500105000
Details1986ArkansasJames Lemley1500106920
Details1982WisconsinAndrew Patterson1500137000
Details1982WisconsinAndrew Patterson150074000
Details1981British ColumbiaLindsay Thachuk150099055
Details1981Pennsylvania Mike15000
Details1979Not Applicabletotaled out150076843
Details1978Missouri Jim Decker130061950
Details1975Missouri Jim Decker (gave this one away
in 2005)
Details1976WisconsinAndrew Patterson15000
Details1974IllinoisTim Michael130047000
Details1982Minnesotajsadamski 150085030
Details1977VirginiaDavid Spiegelthal1300105
Details1973Not ApplicableAlex K.13000
Details1986Pennsylvania Mike150034000
Details1983AlabamaChris Smith150097
Details1979TennesseeDuane K Estill1500138000
Details1984New JerseyEd Noval150044105
Details1980OhioAaron Gregory150058000
Details1979VirginiaTom Angle1500145000
Details 1980Ohiomichael scalise150078899
Details 1976OhioSean Montgomery130076
Details 1987New YorkChris150037
Details 1985TexasArt Akard15007400
Details 1974OhioBruce A. Carr1300185
Details 1980Not Applicableovi t130160000
Details 1975ArkansasAshley Higgins13000
Details 1979New BrunswickJim Young1500120000
Details 1981New BrunswickJim Young1500208000
Details 1981CaliforniaBrad Fry1500158800
Details 1976MassachusettsBrian Sundquist130089
Details 1986Philadelphia, PADan Sarandrea150038800
Details 1974North CarolinaEric Hamilton130058000
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