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DetailsPicture                       Year                          State                         Owner                         Engine Size                   Odometer                      
Details 1987AlaskaChris Warner150097350
Details 1976WashingtonJeff Nolta13000
Details 1979QuebecRobert Mose1500165000
Details 1988IllinoisTim North150058000
Details 1987IllinoisAl Klokow 107800
Details 1986San Jose, CADon Hair1500152
Details 1974North CarolinaEric Hamilton13000
Details 1980OregonStefan Mullikin2200cc0
Details 1974North CarolinaEric Hamilton15000
Details 1988CaliforniaJack Silva 0
Details 1979Nova ScotiaRussell Daikens1500113000
Details 1980FloridaBryan Weaver150081000
Details 1976CaliforniaDmitry Teytelman 0
Details 1986CaliforniaTalon McKenna (SoCal)1500122000
Details 1979CaliforniaDmitry Teytelman 0
Details 1982IllinoisBob Grasch150033000
Details 1976CaliforniaDmitry Teytelman 0
Details 1986OregonCharles Osborne1500133000
Details 1985CaliforniaJeff Johnson 0
Details 1985CaliforniaNiels Uni 0
Details 1974CaliforniaJeff Johnson150060
Details 1974CaliforniaRobert Dietsch 0
Details 1989 Vincent Cheung150082000
Details 1985CaliforniaRobert Dietsch 0
Details 1986North CarolinaTim Ellison1500 cc98000
Details 1987MinnesotaJason Adamski150058
Details 1979ILMike Alan2.2L Turbo II48000
Details 1979CaliforniaChris ObertNone0
Details 1977ILMike Alan130050
Details 1979CaliforniaChris Obert15000
Details 1979New MexicoL.Crumpler1500104
Details 1979CaliforniaChris Obert15000
Details 1974IllinoisBob Shutan1300 PBS94000
Details 1981New South WalesWarren Smith15000
Details 1981British ColumbiaAllan Sieben15000
Details 1977AlbertaGeoff Minors130070
Details 1984CaliforniaDick Waldron150045522
Details 1984 Peter D'Amore150092643
Details 1981British ColumbiaAllan Sieben15000
Details 1977NOT APPLICABLEWalter Lima1.3 Fiat Uno Turbo47759
Details 1981British ColumbiaAllan Sieben15000
Details 1987New JerseyLou Teresi150029497
Details 1980OhioJanet Bailey1500125407
Details 1987Not ApplicablePeter Rutherdale150047000
Details 1974North CarolinaEric Hamilton1500124
Details 1978MichiganAndrew Kimball130052600
Details 1986NevadaMiro Kefurt150086172
Details 1985NevadaMiro Kefurt1500164285
Details 1986NevadaMiro Kefurt150099817
Details 1978OntarioTom Breeson1300128000
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