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Tire and MPI Op Codes... 
4/17/08 - Parts & Service
Posted by Administrator
As you know Nissan tracks your op codes relating to Tire inspections and MPI inspections.

The Op Codes that Nissan Tracks are;

Ideally you will have these op codes setup in your DMS already. But just as important you must have your advisors use them on their RO’s. Nissan pulls from your DMS and uses the data for a variety of things, one of which is a high profile report showing the percentage of inspections done at your store. So having the op codes in your DMS is not enough. You must have your advisors put them on the repair orders!

One of the concerns is that some dealers are using a different set of Op Codes and are reluctant to switch to the ones Nissan tracks. There is a simple answer to this issue. If you are signed up on One-to-One you can tell Nissan what your op codes are.

So Click Here to view the steps necessary to enter the op codes into One-to-One so that Nissan can in fact track your inspections.

(Thanks to Tony Moore and Jan Polansky for this information)

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Dealer Tire Web Site Enhancements... 
4/9/08 - Parts
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Click this link to view a quick movie on the new enhancements of the Tire Advantage Web site.

View Tire Advantage Web Site Enhancements
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2008 Service Manager Industry Survey 
4/8/08 - Service
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Nissan and the other automotive OEMs have again teamed up to co-sponsor an industry study of service managers across the United States. This study is used to determine industry trends and satisfaction levels with the services and support provided by each of the OEMs.

Your feedback is extremely important and will be shared within our organization in order to enhance the level of service we provide you. The more responses we receive, the stronger the message that is communicated to Nissan and the rest of the industry.

This survey should take around 30 minutes to complete and should be completed by the Service Manager. If you get interrupted or close your browser part way through the survey, you can return at any time and pick up where you left off -- it automatically tracks your progress.

The survey will be available online beginning Monday April 14 at .

Log on:
• Field “OEM”: Nissan
• Field “Dealer Code”: enter your Nissan Dealer Code

As you complete this survey, please keep in mind...
o If you would like your ratings to be anonymous (all verbatim responses will be attributed), you may indicate this at the beginning of the survey.

o If a question does not apply specifically to you and your operations, please leave it blank.

o Consider only events at your current dealership within the past 6 to 12 months.

o Be candid - completing this survey guarantees that your voice will be heard.

o Answer all the questions you can; seek assistance of others in your dealership if necessary.

o Please include comments, as they are important to ensure that Nissan clearly understands your concerns.

Please complete the survey by May 2, 2008. Thank you for your contribution.

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Fulfillment Center Update... 
4/1/08 - General
Posted by Administrator
• Beginning April 1st, the IMS call center will be operational. Dealers may call 1-800-247-5321 to place orders or for typical inquiries (please note, IMS will not have any information regarding any orders that may have been placed through Resolve).
• The new ordering catalog will be launched on April 7th with access via the NNA Portal. Not all items will be available through the online catalog initially. A full catalog of items is expected online by April 14th. Detailed instructions/tutorial information is still in development but will be shared as soon as it is final.
• Beginning April 1st, IMS will fulfill orders for items that are physically in-stock. Materials will be fulfilled as they are received in-stock during April. If material is ordered and the item is not available, it will be placed in queue and fulfilled as soon as the product becomes available.
• Resolve is no longer performing any fulfillment. If you are waiting on materials or placed an order after March 6th, please place new orders with IMS. There are 3 methods available to place an order: via the call center; send an email to; or through the online ordering site

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2008 Nissan Technical Skills Update 
3/26/08 - Service
Posted by Administrator
All Master Technicians must attend the Technical Skill Update training in order to maintain their current Master Technician Achievement Level (just a reminder, each GTR dealer must have a fully trained Master Technician on staff).

There will be 6 sessions of the Technical Skills Update training held in Phoenix at GateWay Community College. The first 2 sessions are already full, but there are a few seats left for the later classes:

May 13-14 Full
May 15-16 Full
May 20-21 2 seats remaining
May 22-23 7 seats remaining
June 10-11 3 seats remaining
June 12-13 5 seats remaining

I recommend you enroll your technicians right away if you haven’t done so already.

These two day sessions will cover the latest uses of CONSULT III as well as the new technical features of the Rogue and Murano. Dealers have been requesting more training on CONSULT III and this should fit the need.

Below is an excerpt from the cover letter:
REQUIRED TRAINING: Each Nissan Dealership is required to have at least one technician attend Technical Skills Update Training. Also, all Master Technicians are required to attend to maintain their current achievement level. There is no limit to the number of enrollments for each dealership for this class. Lack of attendance by your technicians prevents your service department from offering customer services in accordance with the Nissan Sales and Service Agreement and will necessitate that all warranty repairs on 2008 vehicles be approved by your DPSM. Additionally, you will also no longer be able to feature “Factory Trained Technicians” or similar terminology in any advertising or customer communications. If your technicians remain uncertified and untrained, we will evaluate your ability to perform warranty work as required under the terms of the Sales and Service Agreement.

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