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Mark Harris - LPM

Happy New Years 
12/29/08 - General
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Have a safe and fun New Year's...

We have a great 2009 ahead of us.

Thanks for all your hard work over the past year.


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Happy Holidays... 
12/15/08 - General
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Hi all,
Thanks for all the hard work this year. It's been a wonderful experience mixed with some frustrating circumstances.

Remember: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" - Friedrich Nietzsche

Spend time with your family and enjoy the Holidays...

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Training In Phoenix... 
11/25/08 - Service
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Nissan is offering the required Service Manager Workshop and the Service Advisor Workshop in Phoenix. These classes will be held at the end of January, 2009. (See the figures below for the details).

Service Manager Workshop

Service Advisor Workshop

Visit Virtual Academy to enroll as soon as possible to guarantee your seat.
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MY09 Murano + Armada + Titan Accessory Card Kit... 
11/4/08 - Parts & Service
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The all-new MY09 Murano – Armada – Titan Accessory Card Kit is now available and is complimentary. The kit includes 25 Accessory cards of each Model, for a total of 3 different cards.

Click Here and login to NNAnet to order your free +ER Accessory Cards.

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Getting that Critical First Service Appointment... 
10/24/08 - Service
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Here is a link and the actual article regarding getting the first service appointment by Jeff Sacks--an auto industry speaker, consultant and trainer with NCM Associates, Inc. and is actively involved with its GM and GSM boot camps. This article is taken from the October issue of Dealer Magazine.

The link to the article is;

He does a good job of putting a fine point on this issue. Please take a moment and read through the article and pass the wisdom along, but more than that—please implement and execute processes to accomplish this all important part of our business.

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