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Getting that Critical First Service Appointment... 
10/24/08 - Service
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Here is a link and the actual article regarding getting the first service appointment by Jeff Sacks--an auto industry speaker, consultant and trainer with NCM Associates, Inc. and is actively involved with its GM and GSM boot camps. This article is taken from the October issue of Dealer Magazine.

The link to the article is;

He does a good job of putting a fine point on this issue. Please take a moment and read through the article and pass the wisdom along, but more than that—please implement and execute processes to accomplish this all important part of our business.

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CA File Handling... 
10/24/08 - Service
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At times it is necessary to document customer interactions in the customer assistance system. This is an easy thing to do, just follow the instructions given in the image below.

Click on the image below to view instructions...

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Nissan Motor Shows Web Site... 
10/10/08 - General
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Visit the newly announced Nissan Motor Show Web site for great information pertaining the new product you can expect to see. The site is updated after each Auto Show is completed, so check back often.

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Marketing Materials Available for Order Online 
10/3/08 - Service
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Marketing material replenishment has never been easier! To accomplish this, the Nissan Tire Advantage is pleased to announce that dealers are able to order marketing materials through the Nissan Tire Advantage Program.

This is important because…
Your customer will know you are in the business to provide tire care, safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. The information you display will invite your customer to ask questions while increasing your opportunities for customer retention and dealership profit.

Nissan Tire Advantage Online – Dealer must place the order through the website and enter each part number including quantity.  Your dealership will be billed via non-vehicle parts statement and marketing materials will be shipped via FedEx ground to the dealer location within 10 business days.

There is no additional charge to Nissan Tire Advantage dealers for shipping.

Whether you need to replenish just one item or a few, it’s all available and convenient through the Nissan Tire Advantage program. 

Vehicle Inspection Forms Available

A Nissan Tire Advantage vehicle inspection form is available for download by clicking the following link:
Click here for the Nissan Tire Advantage Vehicle Inspection Form

Inspection forms can be ordered by calling IMS at 800.247.5321, emailing , or by visiting the IMS online ordering site.  (250 inspection forms per pack)

Click here to view IMS online ordering instructions 

In addition, the following Pre-Inspection form may be helpful before servicing vehicles at your dealership.

Click here to Download a Nissan Tire Advantage Vehicle Pre-Inspection Form

If you have any further questions please call the Nissan Tire Advantage Headquarters at 866-NNA-TIRE (866-662-8473).

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Buy 3, Get 1 for a $1... 
9/24/08 - Service
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On Monday, September 22nd Nissan will launch the Fall Tire Promotion, “Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 for $1”, this promotion will run October 13th - November 15th. Below is a summary of the program enhancements and features.

Program Enhancements:

  • The consumer offer will be expanded to include eligible OEM (original equipment manufacturer), OEA (original equipment alternative) and WIN (winter) tires
  • Nissan will support 50% of the dealer net cost of the 4th tire for all brands (excluding Bridgestone/Firestone)
  • No need for advisors to enter tire enrollments into a web site this time.

Customer Prospect List - Dealers have the ability to direct mail postcards using:
Nissan-supplied CMM Customer Prospect List

  • List Name: Nissan Fall 2008 Tire Advantage Prospect List
  • Customer Data Mining Tool (via upload)
  • Query Name: Fall Tire Promotion
  • Dealer-supplied Customer Prospect List (via upload)
  • Tire Advantage Postcard Dealer Prospect Upload Disclaimer

Postcard In-Home Delivery Dates:

  • Early Enrollment (orders placed before 10/7)
  • In-Home Dates 10/14-10/18
  • Late Enrollment (orders placed between 10/7 & 10/10)
  • In-Home Dates 10/15-10/22

POP Materials:

  • All dealers will receive, the week of Oct. 13th a 24” x 36” full color poster proclaiming:
  • The “Buy 3” offer
  • Limited time offer urgency
  • The Nissan Tire Advantages
  • A limited supply of additional posters will be available at $10.50 each including shipping.
  • A limited supply of poster frames are available from IMS. The part number is 153245-001 and the cost is $50.
  • These special clip-in frames are also available from MDI at 800-228-8925
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