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2008 Nissan Technical Skills Update 
3/26/08 - Service
Posted by Administrator
All Master Technicians must attend the Technical Skill Update training in order to maintain their current Master Technician Achievement Level (just a reminder, each GTR dealer must have a fully trained Master Technician on staff).

There will be 6 sessions of the Technical Skills Update training held in Phoenix at GateWay Community College. The first 2 sessions are already full, but there are a few seats left for the later classes:

May 13-14 Full
May 15-16 Full
May 20-21 2 seats remaining
May 22-23 7 seats remaining
June 10-11 3 seats remaining
June 12-13 5 seats remaining

I recommend you enroll your technicians right away if you haven’t done so already.

These two day sessions will cover the latest uses of CONSULT III as well as the new technical features of the Rogue and Murano. Dealers have been requesting more training on CONSULT III and this should fit the need.

Below is an excerpt from the cover letter:
REQUIRED TRAINING: Each Nissan Dealership is required to have at least one technician attend Technical Skills Update Training. Also, all Master Technicians are required to attend to maintain their current achievement level. There is no limit to the number of enrollments for each dealership for this class. Lack of attendance by your technicians prevents your service department from offering customer services in accordance with the Nissan Sales and Service Agreement and will necessitate that all warranty repairs on 2008 vehicles be approved by your DPSM. Additionally, you will also no longer be able to feature “Factory Trained Technicians” or similar terminology in any advertising or customer communications. If your technicians remain uncertified and untrained, we will evaluate your ability to perform warranty work as required under the terms of the Sales and Service Agreement.

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Service Advisor Training in Phoenix... 
3/20/08 - Service
Posted by Administrator
Service Advisor/Consultant Workshop
Last chance for Service Advisor Training!

Can you afford not to train the individual who probably has the Highest Gross Profit per Employee in your dealership?

. . . Go into Virtual Academy and enroll your advisors today!

Service Advisor Workshop
- 2 day workshop
- Cost is $400 per attendee that is billed on the dealer’s non-vehicle account. Dealers will be charged the $400 if an attendee cancels within 72 hours of the workshop start date.

Major items covered in the Workshop:
- Understanding the value of a Service Advisor and their responsibilities within the dealership
- Making the right impression with the customer
- The 11-Step Service Process
- Proper write up procedures
- Getting the customer to say “yes”
- Conducting the multi-point inspection and utilizing it as a sales tool
- Using correct repair authorization
- Proper delivery of the vehicle back to the customer
- Follow up with the customer

Service Advisors must bring the following reports with them to the workshop for the last full month prior to the workshop and all of calendar year 2007.
- ADP- Service Advisor Performance (RAP Report)
- R&R- 3606 and 3611 Reports

Please give me a call if you have any questions,

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Processes Used by the Most Profitable Service Departments... 
3/14/08 - Service
Posted by Administrator
The following was taken from the article titled "Inspect Yourself" from the June 07 issue of Fixed Ops Magazine.

  1. Greet the customer in a swift, courteous and professional manner.
  2. Listen to the customer’s primary concern—the reason he or she originally came in to your service department.
  3. Review the service history and check for recalls.
  4. Conduct a thorough walk-around inspection that starts with the lights on, checking tire tread depth, and ending under the hood, inspecting vital fluid levels and condition. Upon pulling samples, illustrate the findings with the customer.
  5. Provide a service menu to every customer.
  6. Up-sell maintenance services according to the current mileage reading, time interval since previous service, and fluid condition.
  7. Provide a quality 27-point inspection on every vehicle by a qualified certified technician.
  8. Inform customers of their vehicles’ status throughout the day.
  9. Remember the 10/2/4 r ule and up-sell every additional recommended item found.
  10. Professionally deliver the vehicle back to the customer, ensuring a “proper active delivery.”
  11. Review the 27-point inspection sheet with every customer at time of pick-up.
  12. Make certain that the vehicle is free of grease stains from service, and have all service vehicles cleaned and vacuumed prior to customers’ arrival.
  13. Make certain to schedule customers’ next appointments.

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Nissan Tire 101 
3/7/08 - Parts & Service
Posted by Administrator

With the "Buy 3 Get 1 For $1" promotion upon us it may be wise to educate your people on the Nissan Dealer Tire program.

The following link will provide a presentation that will do just that.

Click on the following link...
Nissan Tire 101
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+ER Accessory Cards... 
2/24/08 - General
Posted by Administrator

After only 3 weeks of availability those dealers who have already ordered their Accessory Cards are starting to re-order a second set.

This program WORKS!!! With a little addition to the selling process you will have a consistent and easy way to present available accessories to your customers in all departments.

Please visit and click on "Customizable Marketing Materials" then select "MY08 Accessories Program Kit" to enroll and order.

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