Tire and MPI Op Codes... 
4/17/08 - Parts & Service
As you know Nissan tracks your op codes relating to Tire inspections and MPI inspections.

The Op Codes that Nissan Tracks are;

Ideally you will have these op codes setup in your DMS already. But just as important you must have your advisors use them on their ROs. Nissan pulls from your DMS and uses the data for a variety of things, one of which is a high profile report showing the percentage of inspections done at your store. So having the op codes in your DMS is not enough. You must have your advisors put them on the repair orders!

One of the concerns is that some dealers are using a different set of Op Codes and are reluctant to switch to the ones Nissan tracks. There is a simple answer to this issue. If you are signed up on One-to-One you can tell Nissan what your op codes are.

So Click Here to view the steps necessary to enter the op codes into One-to-One so that Nissan can in fact track your inspections.

(Thanks to Tony Moore and Jan Polansky for this information)

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